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  • Washing machine 4
  • Business Hours: 24 hours
  • Unattended laundry
  • Parking Space for one car
  • Kids Space
  • Futon compressor
    (Exclusive Compression bag now for sale)

The amount of items that can be washed at one time

  • Kotatsu Futon two sets and 4 sheets can be washed at one time.
  • About six times household wash can be washed at once in about 60 minutes.
  • You can wash one-week cloths within an hour if you are washing cloths once a day.

Hello Call

  • Check the availability of washing machines just by one call, no need to wait.
    →To confirm the availability, please call 03-3683-3039 (auto response)
  • Our services are reliable,its possible to call you on your cell-phone five minutes before the completion of the laundry.
  • By using prepaid card you can safe money.

(Helo Call oprating method)

  1. First, press one of the "wash and dry", "wash" and "dry" buttons.
  2. Insert money or prepaid card.
  3. Within three minutes you will receive a phone call from the area code (toll charge is on us).
  4. Check the number on the screen and press the "execution" button, if you make mistake, please press the "Cancel" button.
  5. Press again “execution” button; when the correct message is displayed the process is done.

You may not be able to contact is due to typing, power off, Out-of-service, and sitting errors.

Please note that due to noise and call conditions there might sound and hearing problems.

Operating Method

  1. First, press one of the "wash and dry", "wash" and "dry" buttons.
  2. Insert (put) money or prepaid card.
  3. If you need a call, please enter your phone number (Toll charge is on us).
  4. When you receive a call, it means the laundry is completed (about 60 minutes).
One point :

Only for the "washing and drying" course after the washing operation starts, you can extend the drying time by 7 minutes each time you enter 100 yen. This service is good for thick items.

The Estimation of Drying Time :

Underwears about 30 minutes to 40 minutes, blankets about 40 minutes to 50 minutes.

It is safe, because the lock of the opening of the machine is applied
while the washing machine is in operation.


Wash and Dry Wash and dry (including detergent, ~ 22 kg): 1,400 yen / about 60 minutes
Wash and dry (including detergent, ~ 15 kg): 1,300 yen / about 50 minutes.
Wash only (including detergent, ~ 33 kg): 1,000 yen / about 30 minutes
Dry only (~ 22 kg): 100 yen / about 7 minutes
1 minute drum cleaning: Free / about 2 minutes
Prepaid Card ¥3,000 (¥3,300 pay by minutes)
Vending Machine Compression bag: 500 yen ~
Compression bag: 500 yen ~
Detergent (1 bag): 100 yen
Softener (concentrated type): 300 yen

<How to use>
  1. Please press the item number button.
  2. Please insert the displayed amount.
  3. Please remove the item and close the opening.


  • Not all items can be washed.
    Read the booklet "Please be sure to check before using" in the shop carefully.
  • If you caused damage to the washing machine, we may charge the repair fee.
  • We only lend washing machine so you can wash your cloths, we do not offer other services such as laundry or cleaning.
    Therefore, even if the laundry is not done sufficiently, we do not take responsibility.
  • No refunds due to mistake in button pressing.
  • Do not put oily items in the machine.
    It may get attached into the laundry of the next customers, causing inconvenience and trouble.
  • For "dry only" services, please refrain putting stuff in the washing machine, which are squeezed by hands.
    Please use the drying course after removing the water completely from cloths with your home washing machine.
  • For hygiene and the convenient of other customers, please do not wash the following items.
    Pet clothes, rugs, diapers, oil stains (oily items), and shoes.
  • When the laundry is completed, it does not matter if you remove the laundry items from the machine, for the next customer to use.
  • After removing the items from washing machine please put them in the laundry basket and place "laundry removal card" on it.
  • Because of self-service, we do not take any responsibility for the following incidents such as loss, theft, shrinkage, and discoloration.

Futon Compressor

Feature You can safely perform futon compression with a special machine; uton compression with a vacuum cleaner causes damage or failure.
We offer seasonal full course of drying, compression, and futon washing.
You can bring your own compression bag!
how to use Dry thoroughly (in addition to the regular course, add an additional 20 to 40 minutes).
Put 100 yen coin in the compressor and let it compress (5minutes operation).
We support most of the bulb type compression bags.
Price Compressor: 5 minutes 100 yen
Compression bags are now available for 500 yen
Attention There is a possibility of that insufficient compression depending on the compression bag.
Mold (fungi) may occur if drying is insufficient.


Location: Kameido,Koto Ward,6-chome 42-4 Tokyo By Car
  • Roth 1:

    After turning left at the Maruhachi-dori [Kameido 7-chome 2] traffic signal, turn right at the first traffic light. Next to post office.

  • Roth 2:

    After turning left at the Keiyo Road [Joto police Station] turn right at the second corner. Turn right the traffic light at intersection. Next to the post office.

  • Roth 3:

    After turning left at Keiyo Road before [TSUTAYA] Turn left at the second corner. Turn left at the first traffic light. Next to the post office.

  • If you are coming by car, please pay attention to one-way street. Please see the below map.

By Foot
  • After walking for about 5 minutes along Keiyo Road, there is a convenience store [Sunkus] on the left, cross the front pedestrian, you are there.